Modern PWA: A winning combo for the best client experience

October 5, 2022 | 6:50 AM - 7:10 AM (UTC)

o Mainstream client applications are moving to Progressive Web Applications quickly due to its combined benefits of near-native performance and Web scale reachability. It is a must for Intel to ensure these PWAs deliver the leading power, performance and responsiveness on Intel client platforms through optimizations in the underlying Web engine and by leveraging the latest XPU based heterogenous and hybrid architecture.
o This session illustrates the latest Chrome browser optimizations on Intel heterogenous and hybrid architecture as well as our practices on HW/SW co-design for dominant use cases including Web browsing, video streaming, video conferencing through tight collaboration with the developer ecosystem. Based on these use cases, a scenario-dependent Chromium power optimization framework has been established to achieve power-efficient management of threads, timers, tasks, etc. We look forward to sharing the winning combo for the best client experience.

  • Kenneth Christiansen

    Web Platform Architect at Intel Corporation, elected W3C Technical Architecture Group member

    Kenneth Rohde Christiansen is senior staff engineer in the Intel Web Platform Engineering team. In his role, Kenneth leads multiple efforts making sure that the web platform works in Intel’s favor, by becoming a real application development platform, driving Windows and Chrome OS usage, while working best on Intel and exposing the full potential of our hardware capabilities to developers. Since joining Intel in 2011, Kenneth has shaped our approach to working with external browser vendors and the web community, leading to many success stories in landing Intel specific features and optimization in Chromium based browsers such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Some of these features and inventions have been industry shaping, such as Progressive Web Apps, which is becoming one of the main ways to create desktop applications. He is a multi-term elected member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Technical Architecture Group, growing Intel’s influence inside the most important standardization group of the web platform. Apart from that he is also a Microsoft Most Values Professional in Developer Tooling and Google Developer Experts in Web Technology. Kenneth holds a MSc degree in Software Engineering from the University of Groningen, the Netherlands and a BSc degree in Software Engineering and Math from the University of Copenhagen.